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Your team’s job is nothing like a direct salesperson’s—so why use the same CRM?

Unfortunately, most CRM systems aren’t designed for representative salespeople. There are lots of features your team doesn’t need, and many they do need are missing.  Sure, you can have it customized—but that costs money and time.There are a few systems designed specifically for representative sales. Here are some features you should look out for when judging which will fit your workflow best.

Mobile functionality. Field sales reps would rather be on the road than in the office. Mobile capability lets them update anywhere–and cut down on time spent behind a desk.

Email Integration. Sales should only touch their email one time. Using CRM from their in-box is critical. Updating and adding opportunities, action item and more gets the job done with the first touch.

Quick updates to manufacturer CRM systems. Your team has to update a dozen different manufacturer CRM systems as well as their own. Look for a system that lets them do that in a single place, then push through to multiple outside Salesforce CRM systems in just a few clicks.

Streamlined relationship tracking. Look for a robust system that lets your reps track dozens of product lines, territories, accounts, and manufacturer design wins all in one place—without customization. This gives them an automatic edge in every sales meeting.

Look out for the next in our series next week: Make it pay off.  Got more questions about how to choose the right CRM system for your business? Get in touch!

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