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How to get sales teams to use CRM software: make it work like they do

Sales reps will quickly adopt a CRM system that helps them track design wins and quotes, helps them increase commissions, and makes their job easier. Look for these features:A focus on representative sales. Don’t pay thousands and wait months to get your system customized. Instead, look for a CRM system that’s already focused on what you do—and a company that updates it regularly based on feedback from customers like you.

  • The data they need—and nothing they don’t. Look for a system that puts crucial data in your team’s hands—so they can walk into every sales meeting ready to maximize their opportunities.
  • Easy segmentation. Your CRM system should let your salespeople assess their strongest markets and products at a glance, so they can develop targeted messaging strategies that pay off.
  • Quick and easy updates. A feature that lets your team update outside manufacturer CRMs quickly and easily will save them a lot of time.
  • Mobile functionality. Busy field sales reps will love a CRM system that lets them update quickly on the road—without having to go back to the office.

Got questions about how to choose the right system—and get your team to adopt it?

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