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Subject: How to get sales teams to use CRM software: make it valuable

Every salesperson is money-motivated. If you can show them how a CRM system will help them make more money, they’ll use it.

Most CRM systems fall flat when it comes to putting the right data in the hands of representative salespeople. If you want to give them the edge in any sales meeting, look for a CRM system that lets them do these things:

  • Check their sales histories right before a meeting to see if they’re selling all the relevant products in the company’s line card.
  • Identify their best-performing accounts—so they know where to focus their sales efforts.
  • Compare sales histories for specific customers and product lines over previous years; see which lines sold well in the past and forecast for the future.
  • Track design wins and monitor which manufacturers owe them money for a design—and which have paid.
  • See this data at a glance, on a mobile device while on the road or just before a sales meeting—so they can maximize every opportunity.

Look out for the next in our series next week: Make it work like they do.

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