Customer Relationship Management

CRM Designed For The Way You Work

Empowering Systems AccountManager CRM is designed for you and your business, manufacturers’ representatives and manufacturers that use representatives. You have a unique business model that off the shelf CRM designed for a direct sales force simply won’t work for. You need a system that can handle many sales with a high degree of capability and let you share information while giving your sales teams quick and easy tools to update contacts, accounts, opportunities and more. The solution you need is one that is mobile, on the web, is integrated in your inbox and works well offline. AccountManager can do all this and more. Don’t waste your time changing your business to fit your CRM or spending countless hours and resources customizing CRM. For it to work, really work, CRM needs to fit like a glove…right out of the box. That’s what gives you a high rate of return on your investment. That’s what wins you the best lines and the best representatives.

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AccountManager 365, use AccountManager right from your Outlook inbox

Update opportunities, activities and more right from your Outlook in-box