Why Empowering

Why Empowering Systems

Empowering Systems has been developing sales solutions for manufacturers’ representatives and manufacturers that use representatives for nearly 25 years. Empowering Systems is uniquely suited to solving business problems for companies in this industry. Our staff is made up of seasoned professionals that worked for manufacturers, representatives, and software companies with years of experience and knowledge. We bring to the table unique expertise in developing software solutions for sales teams. I know that all sounds nice but what does that mean for you?

It means you won’t have to spend cycle after cycle explaining what a rep firm is and how a relationship between a manufacturer and representative works, what information is required, how you get paid…it goes on and on. You won’t have to customize AccountManager after you buy it. The advantage is that you’ll see a quick rate of return on your investment, So check that box now. the other benefit is that technology is changing at lightning speed, how is it possible to stay on top of it all never mind take advantage of it and still do your day job? Empowering Systems software development experts are continually looking for the best technologies to use and how their customers can benefit from the technology, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, analytics, mobile, local data, security. Empowering Systems takes care of it all for you, giving you time to do what you do best, sell and take care of your customers.

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