SalesAnalysis™ Representative Edition


Consolidate and Analyze Sales Information in One Powerful System

SalesAnalysis provides your salespeople with access to a wealth of sales information at their fingertips, eliminating the need for paper reports or complicated spreadsheets that are quickly out of date.

An easy to use data import wizard allows for rapid imports of bookings, billings, and commissions. Imports in almost any format to reduce the time and effort required for entering data. Because SalesAnalysis is fully integrated with AccountManager it is easy to manage account responsibilities and duplicate data entry is a thing of the past. Not only pay your salespeople with SalesAnalysis but give them their sales data right from their dashboard or phones so they can sell more at each customer meeting.

  • Manage Design Win commissions
  • Synchronize sales data out to salespeople
  • Easy to use interface/imports
  • Respond faster to historical trends
  • Use with SalesAnalysis mobile

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