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Having trouble finding a solution that fits the unique business model of a manufacturers representative? Empowering Systems understands your frustration and has solved that problem with a sales solution that is designed from the ground up for your business model of many to many. Empowering Systems’ years of experience in the rep industry combined with their leading software developers offer solutions that you need, taking advantage of the latest technologies, web, mobile, online, off-line, Microsoft Office 365, right out of the box. No customization, no explaining what a rep is, no worries that your outside sales team won’t use it. AccountManager CRM, SalesAnalysis, PartnerConnect and AccountReporter Analytics are intuitive sales solutions that increase revenue and easily meet the needs of your manufacturers.

Learn which solution best meets your unique business model:

AccountManager CRM

Need a solution that works the way you work right out of the box? Need to see how your business is doing? Are your manufacturers asking for more and more updates? We’ve got that with our Analytics and reporting tools. Manage leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, samples, quotes, and design wins from day one. Work smarter not harder with AccountManager CRM.

AccountManager Mobile App

Need your salespeople to use your CRM? Need them to updated opportunities on a regular basis? AccountManager Mobile App does just that. With easy to use voice-to-text updates and manufacturer specific layouts the app makes completing updates a no-brainer.

AccountManager 365

Touch an email one time with AccountManager CRM right in your Outlook in-box. With AccountManager 365 easily update and create opportunities, activities, contacts and accounts.


Want one integrated system? Want to quickly see what you’ve sold last year to this year, by manufacturer or by salesperson? Need to pay your salespeople? With SalesAnalysis you can do all of that. SalesAnalysis is a fully integrated solution with smart import tools to get the data in that you and your salespeople need to sell more.


Need to analyze sales history and see how each of your salespeople is doing? Wondering if your lines are living up to expectations? Are you manufacturers asking for reports in their format or to fill out their spreadsheets. AccountReporter takes care of all that. This program creates pivot tables for you so you can view just the data you need and easily create manufacturer report templates that make reporting a breeze.


Looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful sales analysis capabilities? From analyzing sales to paying sales reps and tracking commissions, dynaMACS is a comprehensive standalone software designed specifically for representatives for businesses of all sizes.


Spending too much time on updating your Manufacturers Salesforce CRM system? Using PartnerConnect you can automatically update Salesforce from AccountManager with just the click of a button.

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