AccountReporter Analytics ™ Representative Edition

Easily Create Reports With the Data You Need in the Format You Want

AccountReporter Analytics™ empowers sales managers and business owners with valuable business intelligence from AccountManager™ and SalesAnalysis™. With AccountReporter Analytics™, you can easily query the information you need, then generate reports and interactive dashboards directly in Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Power BI®. Opportunity, quote, sales, commissions and activity reports and dashboards can be generated by AccountReporter Analytics.

Industry-leading visual reporting analytics are now available with AccountReporter Analytics. The pre-configured dashboards make it easy to tap into the data you need to run your business and meet the needs of your business partners. The visual analytics will provide you with a whole new way to work on your business, spot trends before they happen, measure success and find the most profitable principals and customers.

  • Ease Principal Reporting
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Quote Reports
  • Sample Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • And now Analytics

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