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Ease your mind with AccountManager Mobile

Frustrated with always working nights and weekends doing administrative paperwork? Take back your nights and weekends with AccountManager Mobile App.

You sell all day and then you get back to the hotel/home.  This is when your second job starts by entering all your sales calls and opportunities into your crm system.  Your tired and you really don’t want to open the computer, but you do. You keep asking yourself why, does this really have to be done?

AccountManager Mobile App is here to save the day!  Place this handy app on your phone or tablet. As your day starts, you become the sales rep that is confident, knowledgeable, and accountable.  Before you go into your customer, with one easy click on your phone, you can see what lines they buy from top to bottom, then review the sales calls or opportunities that you have with them. And we you leave that appointment, use your phone or tablet to update the sales call or opportunity before you leave the parking lot with voice to text.

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