Drive More Deals, Faster. Transform Your Business, Smarter.

CRM Sales solutions that are easy to use and fast to implement with a high ROI designed specifically for Manufacturers and Manufacturers’ Representatives.
Empowering Systems delivers powerful cloud-based CRM, Commission, Email & Sales Analytics tools that help manufacturers and representatives manage opportunities, communicate effectively, and save time and money.

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Customer Relationship Management

Smart CRM designed for how manufacturers’ representatives and manufacturers that use representatives.

Sales and Commission Management

Give the power of sales information to your team. Know instantly what and from who your customer is buying and not buying.

Reporting and Analytics

Tap into your organization’s CRM and sales data. Stay on top of your pipeline, uncover trends and keep your manufacturers and representatives up to date.

Tap Into An End-to-End Sophisticatedly Simple-to-Use Suite of Applications

“AccountManager helps us communicate more effectively with our principals. And it sets us apart from our competition in principal interviews.”

Mike Swenson Mel Foster Company

“Finally we can manage all of our OEM and POS opportunities, design wins, and split commissions with one system.”

Recht Associates

“PartnerAccess gives us real-time access to our Manufacturers reps new business opportunities, eliminating the lag in monthly reporting and giving us much more timely information to respond to.”

Cherry Americas

“We’ve been using AccountManager for many years and are very happy with the functionality. It is written from the ground up with Manufacturers Representatives in mind.”

Pat Killen Disman Bakner

Gain Deep, Actionable Visibility into Sales Activities with Right-sized Tools and Powerful Analytics

Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Commission Management, Reporting and Analytics that keep you in front of your customer and away from administrative work. Mobile applications, Microsoft Office 365 integration, targeted opportunity views, voice to text, and sales trends allow your sales team to sell more and keep their eye on the ball.

Empower Key Benefits

Never Miss an Opportunity Again

Worry free opportunity follow-up with AccountManager reminder capabilities gives you the confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Gain Deep Insight into What Works

Take the guessing game out of how your business is doing. Know with a click of a button what your sales are and what opportunities are in your pipeline.

Stop Duplicating Effort

Close the circle between outside sales, inside sales and management with one shared integrated solution.

Learn How You Can Get Empowered

For Representatives

Spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks with Empowering Systems sales solutions designed for Representatives. Sell from your inbox, sell online, sell off-line. Sell the way you want where you want with AccountManagerTM.

For Manufacturers

AccountManager for Manufacturers makes managing relationships easier by automating sales processes and enabling collaboration on sales projects in real time.